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OATAO meaning “Open Archive Toulouse Archive Ouverte”is an institutional open archive.


OATAO: the open institutional archive

OATAO means “Open Archive Toulouse Archive Ouverte”. It is an institutional open archive, i.e. an online repository in which documents from the scientific research and education are stored. The aim of an open archive is to give free access to these documents.

OATAO gathers the publications of the researchers involved in the following:

- ISAE Documentation Service
- National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse
- ENSIACET Media center
- National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse:
- ENSIACET Media center
- ENSEEIHT library
- ENSAT documentation center
- ENFA Documentation and Information Center
- ENVT library
- The École Nationale de Formation Agronomique (French agronomic school)
- Some Université Paul Sabatier (UPS) laboratories

Publications of ISAE research scientists on OATAO :

- Publications 2011
- Former publications